Scalper Signals

  • Best and simple Indicator for clear and safe entry and exits.
  • Predefines- multiple targets and stop loss, as per risk reward ratios
  • Signals can be set – based on aggressive or safe algorithm
  • Aggressive entries are also profitable but are raw signals without checking the higher time frame trends

•Safe entry meanwhile will check if the lower and the higher time frame are both in same direction, thereby having lesser trade entries and more quality.

•The very robust macd levels are used over multiple time frames to see if the signals are aligned.

  • Alerts and mobile notifications will generate both for entry and exits
  • The trader can select his desired target where when level reached a cross and alert, will be generated.
  • Most user-friendly settings and easy to use.
  • Very powerful for trading on all time frames, scalp on smaller time frames or do swing trades because of robust filters.
  • Example of entries , lets say when a 15 min chart and 1 hour chart time frame are selected- That mean that when a buy signal comes inside the logic of 15 minute charts – it does not ask you to buy- but it will check if the MACD is aligned upwards in the 1 hour charts. If not then there will be no entry trade signal, and if its aligned , then a powerful buy entry signals will be alerted with arrow .

Scalper Signals